Article writing – to spin or not to spin?

Hello again.  Wow, what a busy few months I’ve had!  Firstly there came a job change.  I wasn’t looking for this but am glad I made the change. I am less tired, less grumpy and much more pleasant to be around 🙂  Secondly, I’ve changed the way I tackle marketing.  I’ve tried to add more structure to my marketing and it appears to be working at the moment.  Thirdly, I am going on a family holiday soon and I can’t wait.  We’ll be going interstate for about a week and it will be our first family holiday for about 2 years.  The whole family cannot wait!

Now, back to marketing.  Recently I have tried writing some articles but came up against a brick wall.  I became frustrated at the lack words flowing from my well inked pen.  So, instead of giving up, I tried something different.  I looked at, and a few free article spinners.


Fiverr is a marketplace where you can get just about anything done for the measly sum of $5.  There is literally thousands of people offering their services (aka gigs) for $5.  You can get website headers made, articles written, advice on writing ebooks, the list is almost endless.  If you are short of cash (or time) then this is the ideal place to outsource tasks and it won’t break the bank.

iWriter is a great place to have articles, essays and ebooks written.  Once again there is literally thousands of freelance writers waiting to write just on just about any topic you can think of.  It is more expensive than but you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of written work that is produced.


Article Rewriter

If you have used these two sites but want to try something different then you can use an article rewriter (aka article spinner).  A rewriter/spinner is an automated piece of software that automatically changes words within an article in order to produce a new article.  Now, that’s cheating I hear some of you say.  It may be but what is the difference between paying someone else to write an article for you and using a rewriter?  Not much really.  Google doesn’t like content that is fabricated, however as long as you are not trying to rewrite the same article a dozen times (there is only so many ways you can say the same thing) then I believe the use of an article rewriter is okay.

I am sure I will have ruffled a few feathers with this article.  My point is that it is better to produce an article (either by your own hand or someone else’s) than to not produce anything at all.  I too once thought that the use of article spinners was lazy and cheating but after trying a few out, I am now a fan.  They will save you time and money and even get your creative juices flowing 🙂

I would love to see you comments below.

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Updating Your Marketing Skills –

back_to_skoolHello again,

Recently I was having trouble with some technical issues.  I wanted to make some changes to my site and I was at a loss as to how to go about it.  I could have outsourced it but I wasn’t quite sure what changes I wanted to make.  It would have been difficult trying to explain to someone what changes I wanted made when I didn’t even know myself! So, it was time I thought about updating my marketing skills.

Anyway, I sat down and had a think about what direction i wanted to take my business in and began doing some research.  (I love research!)

I came across a cool training site called  I had heard of it before but I knew very little about it.  I went and took a look and searched for some topics I was interested in.  I was amazed to learn there is over 20,000 courses to choose from.  Some free.  With over 4 million students world-wide Udemy is definitely a great place to update your marketing skills.

The best thing about Udemy is a lot of the courses have online forums so you can discuss your progress & problems with other like-minded students.  I am currently about 1/4 of the way through my current course titled “The Complete Web Developer Course.”  The course has enabled me to make some changes to my website already.  It’s also given me some clarity on the direction of my business.  Undertaking the course has also allowed me to help & connect with other students who are at the same level as me.

Another advantage of Udemy is you can create your own course.  This is a great way to increase your income and build your list at the same time.  There is truck loads of support from videos to an online instructor community if you want to go down this road.  I would recommend you undertake a course first to see the quality expected before you start teaching others – (In my humble opinion 🙂 )

If you are interested in updating your marketing skills then I highly recommend

Is online marketing a scam?

Before I start today’s post I just want to say it has been a very trying last 12 months.  I have not given up on continuing with my online business.  Life just seemed to get in the way but now I am back, telling it like it is .  So let’s get to it!

The subject of today’s post is a question that has been and will continue to be asked as along as the internet is up and running. The answer is not clear-cut.  There are some people out there in cyber space that are ripping people off.  This is no different to fraudsters running offline scams and taking advantage of vulnerable people.  However, for the most part I believe that not all online marketing is a scam.

As with anything in life, if you are presented with an opportunity, do your research.  Online is no different to offline in this respect.

Just recently I was approached by an old workmate from my military days, about a job working in his industry (technician/equipment operator).  He sent me  a list of requirements of the position (2 parts) and was upfront about the job not being a gimme (sure thing).  I read through the job description and found that I was indeed qualified for the first part of the job.  The second part I was not.  I was in two minds about submitting my CV but decided that I would.  I asked myself – do I trust this source?  The answer was a resounding yes.

Although I had not spoken to my friend for a while I knew he was a standup bloke.  This is an important part of research.  Do you trust the source?  If you don’t trust the source then keep digging.  You might find that your adverse findings are limited and that the vast majority of your research indicates that the opportunity is worth pursuing.

The next question to ask yourself is:  Is there proof that the opportunity  does what it says it does?(Or is going to do what it claims it will do?) With my recent opportunity the job description was extremely detailed and the information provided was very specific.  However, I needed to know more.  I checked out the website of my friend’s employer and got a better understanding of the company he works for. I also contacted another friend who is very switched on with all things military. Can you see where this is headed?

On the face of it the opportunity seemed OK, very legit, trustworthy.  There are tons of opportunities online that present themselves just as well.  But how do you know what is real and what is a scam?  The only way to truly find out is do your research.  If someone if offering a product that will make you an instant millionaire then the chances are….(if it sounds too good to be true….)

Effective ways to research online opportunities include: forums, Facebook groups, contacting trusted friends and associates, authority websites (eg government sites, news sites), independent reviews from people who have actually purchased/participated in an opportunity.

I am yet to hear back about my opportunity.  Whichever way it goes I am not fussed. What is important is that I researched it to the best of my ability and I made an informed decision to pursue it.

Not everything marketing opportunity online is a scam.  If you do your research properly then you will be able to make proper decisions on what is and what isn’t legit. If you want to see someone who is legit then go here.


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Making progress in online business – spring cleaning

Hi all,  I’m back again with an update on my progress since my last post.  I got down and dirty and actually completed a few goals I had set myself.  The first one was to reduce the number of marketers I subscribed to.  Would you believe the figure was close to 50!  No wonder I never got anything done.  I was always reading their emails.  This has saved me so much time that I actually enjoy reading my emails.  My inbox is no longer full of crap and I read the marketers I want to hear from. Yay!  The other thing I found whilst doing this is I can still get their message via social media.  Saves a lot of  time 🙂

The next thing I did was organise my hard drives. I say drives because I have 3 – desktop, laptop (yeah,  I’m a Generation X kid 😛 )  and my portable hard drive. I did it over a couple of sessions and now I have all my info where it needs to be.  It has been a long time coming but I feel a whole lot better for the exercise.  The interesting thing about this was I realised how much information I had but have NEVER read.  What a waste of time!  Can you relate to this?  I’m not sure how much hard drive space I freed up but it was a few gig at least.

The opportunities that have come out of all this are amazing.  Some projects I put on the back burner are now at the forefront of my mind.  Now I just have to organise those projects and complete them one at a time.  This will be real progress once I get the ball rolling.  So, out of chaos comes order.

On a different note, I am going to a local business meeting this to meet other like-minded people.  I have never done this before so I am looking forward to it.  I’m a bit nervous but what have I got to lose?  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  I’ll update the outcome of this meeting in my next post.  Remember, an online business is not just about blasting everyone with emails.  It also requires the use of basic business principles like talking to people face to face and building real relationships.  I’ll leave you with all that and I would love to hear your comments below.

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The Challenges Of Internet Marketing

Hi all.  In what seems like an eternity I am once again writing and working on “stuff.”  Today I posted a bit of a rant on Facebook about unethical tactics used to gain email addresses.  I have spoken about this before but I felt it appropriate to re-visit the subject again.  If you are new to this industry (online marketing) then one of the greatest challenges you will face is to get your name out there and stand out from the crowd.  There is a lot of “noise”on the internet and it can be difficult to have your voice heard over everyone else’s.

Probably the first “rule” to follow is be honest.  It’s much harder to remember a lie than the truth.  That said, I have struggled since making the decision to make a living online.   I left a high paying and stressful job for a part-time position so that I could concentrate on my online business.  Since I started my journey over 2 years ago I have had to go back to full-time work just to pay the bills.  I do not enjoy my offline work at the moment but I have made the decision to stick it out and work harder on my online business.  Apparently failure is a part of success.  Well, I can say that I have done plenty of failing!  Those people who say it is all so easy fail to mention that you need to put in a lot of hard work to get the results you desire.  Honesty helps with this.  Ask yourself, “Have I give 100 percent to this task?” If the answer is no then try harder.

If you get stuck on something then “before” you ask for help, do yourself a favour and do some research first.  If you have heard of the term “askhole” then help yourself first.  If you are still struggling then ask for help.  Innovation is born from difficulties.  You never know, you might just invent something new :).

Feeling isolated is something I have struggled with.  I am a part of various groups, forums etc but I still enjoy the face to face contact of business.  Yeah, Skype is a wonderful service but what if you want to discuss something over dinner or a coffee?  A bit hard to do that when you’re in a different country lol. Anyway, I ran into a mate a while ago (he lives in my home town) and I am looking at doing some work with him.  (Fingers crossed)

Opportunity can present itself just about anywhere.  Once I get talking to people (yeah I do talk a lot) and ask them how “they” are doing it’s surprising what interests people have.  I know quite a few business owners in town and they are all wanting help with email marketing.  (Think I just got another business idea 🙂 )  I would not have known this unless I asked them how “they” were going. It can be challenging talking to people (prospective clients) but you won’t get answers unless you ask them about their wants and needs.  This is the time to stop thinking about yourself and consider what others want.  I have found it difficult to talk about others needs as I find myself so hyped up about the internet that I want to share my message with just about everyone.  I have to check myself sometimes and “slow down” a bit.  Ha ha!

Anyway, by taking the challenges and turning them into opportunities I have found I have a more positive outlook on business and life in general.  If you genuinely want to help people – and I mean sincerely help people not just line your pockets – then good things will happen to you.  Good things that have happened to me include meeting people from all over the world, self-improvement (still a work in progress 🙂 ), better relationship with my family – especially my kids.

I guess the thing about challenges is that they really test your personal worth.  Ask yourself, “Is this venture worth pursuing?  What price am I prepared to pay to achieve my goals?  Will my family benefit from endeavours? Will I become a better person and in turn will my family become better people if I follow this vision through?”  I cannot answer these questions for you as the answers will vary from person to person.  I would like to hear your thoughts below on this post.  Or alternatively you can email me or PM me on Facebook.

Until next time,